Jukebox | The importance of the musical briefing and the pre-event meeting
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The importance of the musical briefing and the pre-event meeting

The importance of the musical briefing and the pre-event meeting

When you start organizing an event, you can rarely think about all the details. Hosting the event or being responsible for its organization requires great planning and careful management of resources and suppliers. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a corporate event, there will always be a need to have countless meetings, in order to fulfill all needs and requirements.

The event’s complexity degree is always relative, since it’s not only dependent on its size. In addition to the venue and number of guests, there is a range of services that can be awarded to different suppliers, depending on the goals and demand. This way, it’s important to anticipate all relevant issues, schedule meetings with suppliers and prepare the event in a gradual and consistent manner, as confirmation of the initial plans and services is obtained.

When it comes to entertainment, where the music supplier is also usually responsible for audiovisual production, the first contact is normally made by email, mainly to confirm availability, and should be followed by a meeting so that the supplier understands the needs of the event and submit a proposal accordingly.

After all the contractual details have been agreed, it’s time to move on to the musical briefing. At Your Jukebox, we ask all clients who hire the DJ service to fill out a questionnaire that gives us the opportunity to know their preferences, restrictions and other guidelines, so that we can make the most accurate team selection for the event based on a profile match.

Closer to the event’s date, it’s essential that there’s a second meeting in which the head of musical entertainment is present: the DJ. In exceptional cases of events of greater complexity, the meeting may also be attended by the LJ, VJ or other members of the technical team. However, it’s important that all technical needs have already been met in advance and not just in a final stage, namely through a technical visit to the venue if the supplier is not familiar with it. Therefore, the preparation meeting (held 3 or 2 weeks before the date) will mainly be to review the event’s general (timeline, locations, etc.) and musical briefing, being also the ideal opportunity to foster an empathic relationship between the client and the head of the operational team.

All these steps are crucial to ensure that the technical team is up to date with all the event’s details and also manage to foresee possible unforeseen occurrences, in order to ensure everything goes perfectly on the day.

Photography: The Delight | Venue: Pátio da Galé
Photography: The Delight | Venue: Convento do Beato
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